An autonomic neuropathy care unit

NIBRA-CS or Non-Invasive Baro-Reflex Assessment - Combined System is a one-stop solution for Autonomic Neuropathy diagnosis. We have integrated multiple diagnostic modules into a comprehensive system. Data from ECG, HRV, BP, SpO2, Valsalva Ratio and Hand Grip Test are used to form an elaborate report. A quick test mode is also present to allow the device to function as a pre-checkup quick prognostic tool.


Your personal Medicinal helpeR

MedpeR aims at providing a complete Medicinal Adherence system. We aim to reduce the problems of under-dosage and over-dosage of drugs which are usually caused when people miss their medicines or take an improper dose. Our system consists of a hardware unit and an Android app; however, the device can function independently without the app. There is also a system for remote tracking, so that you can take care of your loved one’s medication, where ever you are.
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Inovocare e-Academy

Medical education offering from IHS

Inovocare e-Academy is a platform for continous Academic and Public Awareness Discourse on Healthcare! IHS routinely brings to you CME programs and webinars with distinguished speakers from all over India. What started as a plan to cope with the lockdown and other restrictions has now evloved into an active academic forum of over 250 doctors from all over the country. Our paid certificate courses on GCP and Bio-Statistics have received acclaim and appreciation from all over the country. Our proud associations include the Indian Association of Leprologists, the East Bengal Club and the Clinical Pharmacologists of India.