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The IHS spectrum

The 6 things which account for our 86400 seconds everyday...

Medicinal Adherence

MedpeR our primary venture is focused on Medicinal Adherence


NIBRA-CS is our first offering in this sphere

Medical Education

Inovocare e-Academy is involved with CMEs for the medical fraternity and general awareness events


IHS is actively involved in academic research and publications


MedTech Innovation is our prime objective since day zero

Elderly Care Solutions

Both our product offerings have been developed with a focus on the growing elderly population

Fuel for our dreams


Words that bring us direction, motivation and hope...

“As a Clinical Pharmacologist, I have witnessed several activities and initiatives of Inovocare in optimization medication adherence for patients. I feel these initiatives would lead to a better treatment outcome and reduce the long-term economic burden on the patients. Also, I appreciate the initiatives and efforts undertaken by Inovocare in dissemination scientific education among healthcare professionals across the country.”

— Dr Saibal Das

“Life changing, new normal life solutions is what IHS is all about. A brand that not only serves humanity, it also educates them on healthy living by demystifying the MedTech secrets. I am sure their products will redefine the way we live in a much positive way.”

— Mrs Mahua Dutta

“The work done by this start-up is amazing, Rohan and his team are an inspiration for many others in the region. I wish him all the very best in life!”

— Dr Manishankar Chakraborty

“The advent of Covid has been an eye opener. It showed us the fragility of the healthcare system and the need for a technically sound healthcare infrastructure. Today‚Äôs healthcare environment demands holistic, more coordinated models of care to transform the health of patient populations. With a well equipped team focused on continued growth and innovation,Inovocare Healthsoft Solutions is all set to help India cope up with the modern day challenges. With a diversified portfolio of smart healthcare solutions developed keeping in mind the purchasing power parity of middle income Indian citizens and the product catering to the masses, Inovocare is all set to change the way we perceive healthcare nuances.”

— Ms Rajashree Banerjee

“Inovocare Healthsoft Solutions is a team of high-spirited individuals taking healthcare services to the next level. They have developed few products which are the need of the hour. It will definitely benefit the society at large. I would like congratulate Rohan and his associates for their commendable work which will lead them to more avenues of success.”

— Mr Debaditya Datta

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